Doctor Who Logo 'Where Angels Fear'
by Rebecca Levene
and Simon Winstone
Jacket Illustration

Something very odd is happening on the cosmopolitan planet of Dellah, home to Bernice Summerfield, archaeologist, adventurer, raconteur and barfly. Gods walk the land and the faithful are rejoicing. Dreams come true and magic suddenly begins to work. In short, the world she has come to love is turning upside down.

Behind these seeming absurdities, something far darker is going on, something that has effects far beyond a single world. The great powers are running scared, withdrawing to their own strongholds, and leaving the lesser races to their fate.

But what can have warped reality in such a way? And why? Or has the time of the gods finally come? As Bernice and her friends begin to investigate, they soon come to realise they are on a bizarre and harrowing journey into their own fear, and ultimately the very nature of belief.

*Featuring Benny, Emile, Clarance and Irving Braxiatel

*The first part of the 'Dellan Gods' storyarc

*A Virgin Books 'New Adventures' novel