Doctor Who Logo 'Whispers of Terror'
(4 Parts)

by Justin Richards
Jacket Illustration

The Doctor and Peri find themselves in the Museum of Aural Antiquities, where every sound is stored for posterity - from the speeches of Visteen Krane to security service wire taps and interrogation tapes. But they also find an intruder, mysteriously changed recordings, and a dead body.

Before long the Doctor realises that there is more going on than a simple break-in or murder. How can he defeat a creature that is made of pure sound?

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Rebecca Jenkins (Amber Dent), Hylton Collins (Goff Fotherill), Matthew Brenher (Visteen Krane), Harvey Summers (Radio Announcer), Peter Miles (Museum Curator Gantman), Mark Trotman (Miles Napton), Nick Scovell (Detective Berkeley), Lisa Bowerman (Beth Pernell), Steffan Boje (Hans Stengard), Hylton Collins (Computer Voice), Rebecca Jenkins (Car Computer)

Directed by Gary Russell

*Featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri

*A Big Finish Audio Production

*Working titles: 'The Sound of Fear', 'Sound Judgement'