Doctor Who Logo 'Wildthyme at Large'
by Paul Magrs
Jacket Illustration

Exciting adventures time, space and the backalleys of the galaxy with the transtemporal adventuress, her chum Tom, and his toy panda (don't call him a 'bear'). Together, aboard Iris' #22 Routemaster (not bound for Putney at all), they explore the universe, carousing, shagging and generally having fun. At least, that's the plan... never quite works out that way, naturally...

Katy Manning (Iris Wildthyme), Ortis Deley (Tom), David Benson (Panda), Ann Bryson (Mida Slike), Stephen Chance (The Head), Duncan Wisbey (Robin Hood), Lucy Beresford (Lucretia), Lizzie Hopley, Simon Guerrier (Fans)

Directed by Gary Russell


*Featuring Iris Wildthyme

*A Big Finish Iris Wildthyme Audio Adventure