Doctor Who Logo 'Winter For the Adept'
(4 Parts)

by Andrew Cartmell
Jacket Illustration

When a teleportation experiment goes badly wrong, Nyssa finds herself stranded on the freezing slopes of the Swiss Alps in 1963. But is it mere coincidence that she finds shelter in a snowbound school haunted by a malevolent poltergeist?

When the Doctor arrives, Nyssa and the other inhabitants of the school soon discover that the ghost is merely part of a darker, deeper and more deadly game involving rogue psi talents and something else... Something not of this Earth.

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Liz Sutherland (Alison Speer), Sally Faulkner (Miss Tremayne), Hannah Dickinson (Mlle. Maupassant), India Fisher (Peil Bellamy), Peter Jurasik (Lt Peter Sandoz), Christopher Webber (Harding Wellman), Andy Coleman (Commodore), Nicky Goldie (Empress)

Directed by Gary Russell

*Featuring the the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa

*A Big Finish Audio Production