Doctor Who Logo 'Wolfsbane'
by Jacqueline Rayner
Jacket Illustration

Harry Sullivan. Died 28 November 1936. Deliver us from evil.

Harry is dead. Having left him abandoned and alone in pre-war Britain, the Doctor and Sarah try to solve the mystery of his death. But the only witness is in a lunatic asylum, driven mad by what he has seen. He tells of murder and mutilation, of living trees and long-dead legends, of wolfmen and war... And of a mysterious stranger known only as the Doctor. Can it be true that Harry discovered the last resting-place of the Holy Grail? Why are the flowers and trees in a Somerset village in full bloom at Christmas? And is it just a coincidence that Harry died under a full moon?

*Featuring the Fourth and Eighth Doctors, Sarah and Harry

*Set during 'The Earthbound Saga'

*A BBC Books 'Past Doctor Adventures' novel

*Time-placing: the Fourth Doctor, Sarah and Harry are answering the Brigadier's call for help, so this places the story after 'Revenge of the Cybermen' and 'Disney Time', and before 'Terror of the Zygons'; the story also fits in between 'Casualties of War' and 'The Turing Test', when the Eighth Doctor and the TARDIS are recuperating on Earth; the final paragraph of the final chapter features a cameo by the Eighth Doctor during the events of 'Timeless'.