X-Files Cover A 'Conspiracy'
(Part 2: Ghostbusters)

by Erik Burnham
X-Files SUB Cover

Following up on the newspaper clippings from the future, the Lone Gunmen speed to the offices of the Ghostbusters. Arriving at the spook hunting team’s headquarters, Frohike, Langly and Byers learn that the Ghostbusters are currently out on a call. Inveigling themselves into the team’s offices, the Gunmen begin a search for clues that will point to the Ghostbusters’ connection to the plague that will wipe out humanity. However, while rifling through the paraphernalia in the main office, the trio inadvertently activate a containment pod – releasing a monstrous ghoul upon them!

Art by Salvador Navarro
Colours by Esther Sanz
Letters by Shawn Lee

*Featuring Melvin Frohike, Richard 'Ringo' Langly, John Fitzgerald Byers and the Ghostbusters

*Published by Dark Horse Comics, January 2014

X-Files Cover RI