X-Files Cover A 'Dia De Muertos'
(Part 1)

story by Joe Harris
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FBI agents Mulder and Scully are summoned by Sheriff Mendoza of the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, for their help investigating a truck full of slaughtered immigrants from Oaxaca, Mexico. But what appears to be a simple case of mass murder at the hands of a local cartel becomes even more sinister when Mulder finds claw marks on the inside wall of the vehicle. At the immigration detention centre in Laredo, Mulder and Scully question the only survivor of the massacre, a young girl named Rosa; Mulder’s interest is further piqued when he sees Rosa’s drawings of Santa Muerte, the Death Angel, watching over her. Rosa reveals that she was searching for someone name Justiniano, who was watching over her and her missing brother, Enricho. Elsewhere, Enricho is still very much alive and, together with his guardian angel, is continuing his search…

Art by Matthew Dow Smith
Coloured by Jordie Bellaire
Lettered by Chris Mowry
Executive Producer Chris Carter

*Featuring Special Agent Fox 'Spooky' Mulder, Special Agent Dana Scully and Assistant Director Walter Skinner

*Published by Dark Horse Comics, May 2016

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