X-Files Cover A 'Believers'
(Part 3)

story by Joe Harris
with Chris Carter
written by Joe Harris
X-Files Cover B

In Casper, Wyoming, Special Agents Reyes and Hendricks call on Mr and Mrs Van De Kamp to check on their adopted son William, only to discover that all is not well… Leaving Arlington National Cemetery, Mulder is surprised to receive a visit from that the Cigarette Smoking Man; still very much alive, he explains to Mulder that the Acolytes targeting him, Scully and William are determined to bring about an alien repopulation of the Earth... In the Southern Wyoming Wilderness, Scully learns that her so-called saviour is protecting her from those others of his race who are intent on killing her; but before she can learn more, the Acolytes attack...

Art by Michael Walsh
Coloured by Jordie Bellaire
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Executive Producer Chris Carter

*Featuring Fox 'Spooky' Mulder, Dana Scully, Deputy Director Walter Skinner, Agent Monica Reyes and the Lone Gunmen

*Published by Dark Horse Comics, August 2013

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