X-Files Cover A 'Cantus'

story by Joe Harris
X-Files Cover B

Mulder has seen his work with the FBI discredited and has found himself a fugitive from the U.S. government – all thanks to the machinations of a former ally, Gibson praise, who now wields powers beyond even what Mulder can imagine. Meanwhile, Scully remains at the FBI under the watchful eye of Gibson, as she works to prevent the government from falling further into his clutched and to clear her partner’s name…

Zion National Park, Utah: acting under Gibson’s instructions, Mulder poses as the moustachioed ‘Anthony Blake’ to infiltrate a team of black market salvagers, so that he can retrieve the communications array of a crashed space telescope. At FBI headquarters in Washington D.C., the X-Files division is now under review by the consultancy and efficiency contractor known as Cantus. Scully is brought before a board of enquiry to explain an unauthorised trip to Cuba and alleged acts of sedition against the government. Luckily for Scully, Gibson is able to take control of the board member’s minds, and stops their line of enquiry… Taking the satellite equipment to the Lone Gunmen, Mulder learns that it was owned by the Cantus group, and may have been forced to self-destruct after detecting something it shouldn’t have seen…

Art by Matthew Dow Smith
Coloured by Jordie Bellaire
Lettered by Chris Mowry
Executive Producer Chris Carter

*Featuring Fox 'Spooky' Mulder and Special Agent Dana Scully

*Published by Dark Horse Comics, August 2015

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