[Ah...bless 'im!] [Ah...bless 'im!]
Clive now Clive as a baby
NAME: Clive Banks
AGE: 40 years plus V.A.T. (This is a lie)
OCCUPATION: Service Assurance Manager / Project Manager / I.T. Consultant / Website Developer / Writer / Television Producer & Director / Beer Taster
KNOWN ALIASES: 'Mr. B', 'Hubby', 'Daddy'
MARITAL STATUS: Married (see Known Associates: 'The Missus')
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Spikey hair, mad grin, tattoo on right shoulder, mole on left leg, badger on right foot
LIKES: Beer, cheesecake, science fiction, more beer, comic books, thunderstorms, another beer, children's television from the 1970s, pizza, even more beer
DISLIKES: Lack of beer, bad drivers, commuting to work, noisy eaters, marzipan
HEROES & ROLE MODELS: Tom Baker, Sid James, Basil Brush, Eric Sykes, Frankie Howerd, Patrick Macnee, Adam West, Norville 'Shaggy' Rogers, Bill Shatner, Laurel & Hardy, whoever invented beer
LOCATION: East Sussex, England
KNOWN ASSOCIATES: 'The Missus', 'Monster Boy', 'Princess', 'The Parents', 'The In-Laws' (a.k.a.'The Addams Family')
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Has encyclopaedic knowledge of all science fiction, fantasty and children's shows ever made; makes great television programmes; able to recall any type of potato crisp available in the 1970s-1980s; can play Beethoven's Fifth Symphony on nose
IF ENCOUNTERED: Treat with care: buy him a beer and tell him how great he looks today

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